Board of directors

At the annual meeting November 26th 2020 the following 

board of directors were elected:

  • Elin Petersen
  • Toke Barfod
  • Lene Ingvartsen
  • Helga Schwedler
  • Andrea Rømer Lauritzen

As substitute board members were elected:

  • Marie Brasholdt


The board has constituted itself as follows:

  • Chairman: Elin Petersen
  • Vice chairman:Toke Barfod
  • Treasurer: Lene Ingvartsen

Furthermore former chair Viggo Fischer is  attached to the board as senior advisor with possibility to participate in board meetings without the right to vote.​

Elin Petersen​


Elin is a senior nurse and has worked in this field around the world including Afghanistan, where she has been sent by DAC several times. Elin has special expertise with reduction of mother- and child mortality as well as health and health care for women during pregnancy, birth and after birth as well as children under 5 years age.

Toke Barfod

Vice chair

Toke is medical doctor from 1996 and in 2005 defended his PhD-paper on HIV-infected patients’ adherence towards medicine. He is now specialized in infectious diseases and has been employed as training responsible chief physician at the medical department of the university hospital in Roskilde and a clinical lector at Copenhagen University. Has been working abroad for shorter periods for various organizations including Red Cross and WHO to different countries in Africa, to Bangladesh and Ukraine in different development- and emergency projects often related to HIV, and visited Afghanistan as a board member of DAC.

Helga Schwedler

Helga is a senior nurse, has worked as operation nurse and has specialized in anesthesia and is a skilled manager. She was employed by DAC in 1994 – 1995 as a head nurse in the anesthesia department of the General Hospital in Herat Afghanistan.

After having seen women and girls being given low priority and the poor conditions for children and young girls her special awareness for Afghanistan has been increased. Helga has visited Afghanistan several times as a board member and has given several lectures about Afghanistan and DAC to increase the interest of the public.​

​Lene Ingvartsen


Lene is an M.A in literature and has more than 15 years of experience within international development projects in Afghanistan, Middle East and North Africa. Lene has special expertise regarding female right, gender and equality and development of organizations and economy control. She has visited Afghanistan several times. She has been chairman for DAC for a number of years.

​Viggo Fischer

He is MA in political and social science, former MP and a private businessman. He was chairman for The Danish Afghanistan Committee from 1987 until 2013 and today is a substitute member of the board of DAC and has been acting informally as a senior advisor to the committee. He has visited Afghanistan a number of times. He has written a book, in Danish, about Afghanistan, past and present, published in 2005.

Andrea Rømer Lauritzen

Andrea is high school teacher, M. A. in French and studies Farsi. Andrea has special expertise within Afghan history, political conditions, culture and religion. She has lived in Afghanistan for a longer period and has attended school in Kabul. As member of the DAC board she has also visited the country several times.

Andrea has written articles and made talks on high schools and in various associations about Afghanistan and DAC.

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